Buying Art





I used to paint all of the decor for my home. Then when I got my studio I ad enough space for all of my art to live in one spot. With only one of my pieces in my home now I had several blank walls. So I have begun buying art from artists I have admired for awhile. Mostly I can only afford prints. But luckily they are limited edition signed prints and still fill the wall space. Today I got my two Shepard Fairey pieces and I'm still waiting for an Audrey Kawasaki.



In 2010 while I was painting frantically trying to work through the grief of loosing my father, I was also going through a break-up. As a last ditch effort to impress my ex I painted his portrait. It is the only portrait I've ever done. I think it turned out pretty good, but I'm not going to be doing any other portraits anytime soon.


The day I moved into my studio


On February 1st 2015 I was able to move into this amazing studio space. The first thing I brought in was my favorite painting. "You have to be willing to lose everything" is the mantra I consistently tell myself when I think things mater too much. We will eventually lose everything. And it is ok to lose everything and start fresh. A fresh start in a new studio with new hope and opportunities. 10965857_10152966841002420_1358471137_n