My Day Job

Little Miracles



I manage events at the Marin Art & Garden Center. It's my 40 hour a week "day job". But it doesn't feel like a day job. I get to hang out in the gardens all day helping people to plan celebrations. I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing property. There are little miracles everywhere I look. Nature is constantly creating works of art around me. Last year our grounds manager noticed a hornets nest in the Magnolia Grove. This was no ordinary hornets nest. We did some research and discovered it was a non combative Bald Faced Hornets nest.  As long as no one hit the nest the little guys would be cool. So we watched as they built this amazing nest by chewing up Magnolia leaves and spitting them out to form the paper like walls of their home. We waited for the seasons to change and as soon as we got a cold front the hornets moved on. Not sure where they went but their home was vacant. We carefully cut down the nest and marveled at it. Today that nest sits in the office as a reminder that little miracles are happening all around us every day.

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