Community Art

Local Art Productions


Five years ago I started a grassroots art production company called Local Art Productions. The purpose was to gather my artist friends and throw kick ass parties where we could sell our art to the public at "non-gallery" prices. Since I have a background in event production and am currently managing two large venues I had everything I needed to make these shows happen. The shows have gotten a lot of press and many of the artists that have shown with us have moved on to become big names in the urban art scene.

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In 2015 I am working on a show for October 3rd at the Log Cabin in San Anselmo.

gallery gallery2 beer-friends show IMG_8939 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4142 IMG_4025 LAPposter_11x17 LogCabinArtShow_Flyer_WEB Hybrid_Sept17th_PROOF2