Art Shows



The last four months have been a whirlwind of Art. I feel so blessed to be working with Emebet from Desta Gallery. She has given me a wonderful opportunity. After our first meeting in my studio I was inspired. I spent every free moment at the studio painting. Since mid September I have painted eight large scale new pieces. I have never painted this much in my life. I've also never been so possessed by my art or more in love with my new pieces. And it seems everyone else loves them too. Tranquility sold the first day I brought it to the Gallery, before the show even opened, and Emebet is still selling paintings. My show ends on November 30th and I'm still painting new pieces because she has had so much interest. At the opening I was surprised to see so many people. And really so many people interested in my art. I met people who had been following my art and wanted to talk about my inspiration and process. I was so flattered. Although I am a very social person, I am not comfortable being the center of attention. So when i had to give a speech at the reception I was pretty nervous. I had to ask my best friend the next day what I said because the whole evening was a bit of a blur.

These pictures are a glimpse into my process for the show.

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Window Show


Six months ago when I showed in the Marin Open Studios I submitted a piece of my work for window display. I entered one of my favorite pieces, "You have to be willing to lose everything." Literally this is written in the painting. It is a mantra of mine. I love the messy random way this painting turned out.  During the show my piece was pushed to the back of the gallery. After the month long show I was asked to leave the painting to show in the window display. It was in a corner window, but not front & center. Then the other night I was at the shopping mall and spotted my painting, front & center in the new window show. Very exciting!  


Marin Open Studios 2015


The weekends of May 2nd & 3rd, 9th & 10th, I will be participating in a county wide Marin Open Studios 2015 event. This is a chance to come by and see my new studio space at 1000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd Suite 22. I will be showing with several artists in the same building. Opening at 11am to 6pm both weekends.