My Retreat

A few times a year I go on retreat. In silence I am not supposed to have any electronic devices. This is a Buddhist retreat. I'm meditating for 16 hours a day and studying the Dharma. It is pretty amazing. But my last retreat I smuggled in my phone and took pictures of my experience. 

My main goal in having my phone was to take photos of the colors of the hills and the textures of nature in Spring. I spent so much time outside hiking and meditating on nature. And now I'm working on a huge piece of art based on the textures and colors I saw on this retreat.

I also had to take a picture of the chocolate bar I smuggled in, which represented my addiction and guilt. And of course the power outlet in my room next to my bed, which seemed weird since we were not allowed to have any electronic devices. Maybe they knew we would cheat. It was just there to let me know it was ok if I slipped. That outlet made all of my indiscretions ok. Even all the naps I took when I should have been on the mat..  

This is a chronicle of the experience that clears my head and allows me to work my shit out.