The Apple

I once had the Comcast cable guys at my house to fix my dead phone, while I was in the midst of struggling with this painting. When they showed up and since there were two of them, while one of them worked on my phone the other chatted me up about art. He made it very clear that he was just a blue collar average guy and not creative at all. Then he proceeded to talk to me about his trip to Paris and the day he spent at the Louvre. He said all those paintings looked the same and made it very clear he wasn’t impressed with the Mona Lisa. But he liked this piece of mine. He said it looked like graffiti writing. I told him the name of this piece is “snake tree” and he proceeded to make Garden of Eden references and tell me I should add on red apple to it. Great idea actually! I don’t think I will go there, but the red contrast would be cool. I just don’t want to add a biblical reference to my work.

But I was surprised and intrigued by this little exchange with my one toothed Comcast cable guy.