My first birch trees

In 2004 I bought a house. I went from one bedroom in my parents home, where I had been living trying to save money, to a three bedroom home. I had furniture and decor for one room. Luckily my old neighborhood gave me a going away party and everyone in the neighborhood donated a piece of furniture to my cause. But once I got into my new home I was left with a lot of blank wall space. So being broke and artsy, I decided to make art for the walls instead of buying it. I had seen a triptych style painting online and really liked the way it looked. I thought I could maximize the coverage while spending less on smaller canvases.  So I pulled out my old paints that I had inherited from my grandmother and relatives over the years. I was very meticulous about sketching before painting. I knew I wanted to paint birch trees because I loved the bark. The stark contrast of dark and light was very appealing to me.  I would paint a bit on each canvas every other day until the painting began to take shape. And at some point I just decided that t was done and signed my name. I had so many compliments on these paintings that I began to paint more Birch trees. I had painted so many of them that after a few years I decided I could let go of the original Birch Series. It was a bit heartbreaking, but at least it went to a neighbor who has given it a good home.