When I was a kid my father had restored an old scooter with my brother. We would ride that thing around my grandmothers property, practically beating each other up to get a turn on the scooter.  Years later in 2009 when my father passed away I was compelled to buy a scooter. It was almost as if my father was telling me to do it. I just knew that the scooter would make me feel better. So I bought this Chinese scooter called a Lance Charming. It was only 50cc’s. I bought a sweet speed racer helmet to match. As soon as I got on that scooter I started giggling with excitement. The same I felt when I finally got my turn as a kid. Now it was always my turn. I began scooting everywhere. I was one of only a few people on scooters in my area, and I got a lot of weird looks and thumbs up from backseat kids. But I never stopped. and in 2013 I upgraded to my dream scooter, a Vespa Piaggio with all the fixins. When I need inspiration I go for a ride. It always changes my frame of mind. A am always happy when Scootin.