I recently completed my first residential meditation retreat. I write about it here because of the connection between mindfulness and creativity. We spend so much time muddled by our useless busy thinking. Out of touch with the true self, the creative self. Once you take away all distractions you are left with only yourself and your thoughts. After three days thoughts burn out. There is no longer a need to keep yourself in the whirlwind. Then you settle into the beautiful truth of self where you begin to daydream about all the things you could create.

I thought a lot about all of the ways I could improve the lives of people I love. I thought of all the beautiful paintings I could make. Techniques, colors, brush strokes. I spent hours visualizing new innovative paintings. I really touched the good true center of my self and that is where all good things come from. Now post retreat the task is to keep those visions alive while I do the work.

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